Upcoming Iron Fist Reviews

The newest Marvel Netflix Show, Iron Fist, is set to drop. As I’ve done with Daredevil Season 2 and Luke Cage, I intend to review most of the individual episodes. With both of those past series, and really all of the Netflix shows, I’ve felt they’ve started strong but ultimately finished weak. I didn’t even bother with reviews for the last few episodes of Luke Cage.

But there is a difference, those shows had a buzz of quality about them. Iron Fist seems to come with a bit of stink. I’ll admit it, I’m worried the show might suck.

But I’ll also admit that I’m a little curious how much the internet might have influenced those reviews. For example, I’ve heard almost nothing but raves about Jessica Jones, the show I think I might be the weakest.

Even before a bit of footage was released there has been a cloud over Iron Fist. A lot of that cloud seems to be because Danny Rand remained white. This seems to have angered a large section of the internet, not only due to the interest in the part going to an Asian actor, but also because of the abundance of “white savior” stories and “Orientalism” of anything set in the east.

While those aren’t really my concerns, I also don’t want to make light of them. There have been, and still are, a lot of white savior themes in media. There has been a lot of whitewashing, and even though this isn’t really an example of that I can understand why it might feel like a missed opportunity.

But I also can’t wonder if there is a link to this being the most angrily anticipated Marvel show and it’s also being the harshest reviewed show.

Or maybe I’m just hoping that will be the case. I like the Iron Fist comics and hope to enjoy the show. Especially since next week is my spring break and I’d actually have time to watch it.

But I have a sinking feeling it is going to be a stinker.

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