Grumpy Bird Reviews: Iron Fist s01e05: Under Leaf Pluck Lotus

Wow. Time flies. Has it been three days since I’ve reviewed an episode? Still not really used to this whole binge dump process. It does make it harder to review things, I can tell you that. But that is why a hero needs to rise. And review shows. Yeah.

tumblr_ommcsxHDRM1r8iw09o1_1280Iron Fist s01e05: Under Leaf Pluck Lotus

writer: Cristine Chambers

director: Uta Briesewitz


Quick Review:

If anything this particular episode brought us some forward momentum that could bring us more into Danny being a hero. It also brought us some on the nose details of Colleen and some more muddying the water for the Meachums. While I can say that this episode is more of what I might want from a show called Iron Fist, it still just ranks as “yeah, this is decent.”

Spoilers Lurk Below


My last review I talked a little about how I wish we had a better understanding of what Colleen wanted. At that point the only strict explanation we had been given was money. With this episode I wondered if there wasn’t a bit of a monkey’s paw lesson to learn. While I did like having the new information on Colleen’s motivations, that she just liked the feeling of beating up and hurting others, I wasn’t really hoping that the presentation of this information would be just her frankly delivering the lines. I’m pretty sure there is a better way to get that information across.

However, the revelation does make me wonder about something. The fighter’s she was going up against were more or less shown to be on the creepy side. Obviously, this was so we could empathize with their getting grossly injured. Notice in the last, two-man fight, the more vocal chauvinist was the one who got greater injury. Well, if Colleen was participating just to hurt other, was she really any different than the fighters who we were to see as bad people because they were violent? Just a question I doubt the show will concern itself with. I kind of doubt that the cage matches will make an appearance. Being wrong would be interesting, however.

By the way, I do like Colleen having more to do. Sure, I would consider her fight scenes on the weak side, but none of the fight scenes have been spectacular so far, so it isn’t really fair to judge. Yet.

On to the Meachums! We are at the stage where I am starting to create some head cannon in a way to enjoy their performances more. Or maybe it isn’t head cannon. Maybe I am just grasping at straws. Like is Daddy Meachum trying to keep his son close because Brother is the easier to fool? A more perfect puppet? And perhaps brother is tiring of these constraints and wants to continue things on his terms. As for Sister, maybe she is the true dark-hearted one. After all, Brother is aloof and doesn’t really consider the needs of others. Sister is shown to see those needs, understand them, and then act against them if it is what the company needs. Why am I thinking this way? Because otherwise it just seems to be more cliched, Daddy and Brother Bad, Sister just waiting for chance to be Good!

Sadly, I don’t really know what to think about Danny. At times he almost feels like he has a clueless Bruce Wayne air about him, and at other times it drifts away. Seemingly at random. On one hand I like how Jones is portraying those aspects, but I don’t think why those aspects are their have been sorted out. Throughout the series there have been a few moments of Danny being a teacher, but those get cut short. Again, I wonder if the internet curbed those scenes. I almost feel we aren’t being given enough scenes of Danny being awesomely competent to make up for the dopey areas. Sadly, I think Jones could portray that duality, but he isn’t being given enough of a chance.

Wrap Up:

I think this wrap up is going to be a similar theme. Just go full crazy kung fu Iron Fist. Stop playing safe and holding back. Just go for it. Please.

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