Grumpy Bird Reviews: Iron Fist s01e06: Immortal Emerges from Cave

One thing I can say about this show is that it is making me want to go back and reread some comics. Sometimes comics, just like books, are better than the shows they are turned into. The question I have after this episode is do I go back to the originals, or do I just skip to the Brubaker run?

tumblr_ommcsxHDRM1r8iw09o1_1280Iron Fist s01e06: Immortal Emerges from Cave

writer: Dwain Worrell

director: RZA


Quick Review:

I feel pretty torn about this episode. On one hand it gave us more kung fu action and a bit more weirdness, things I’ve been asking for, and it gave the Meachums a little more to do. Oh, and Danny got to be a hero. That said, Danny’s heroic action was a retread of things we’ve seen from these Marvel Netflix shows, the new development for the Meachum felt sudden and out of place, and the kung fu mysticism still felt restrained. I want to give it credit for being a step forward, but it is still just a half step at best.

Spoilers Lurk Below


Maybe I’m not watching these episodes close enough. Brother Meachums ramp up into full blown addiction into withdrawal feels quite sudden. It feels like the writers are struggling with something to do with him and so the settled on pills.

Really that is something that is a problem with this series. In so many little ways each episode feels disconnected from the one before it. Sure, there is a main arc, but what is it that makes up the scenery? Are Joy and Danny friends? Is he a crazy, homeless guy? Is Colleen actively training a group of students, or just a few private lessons? Is Danny hearing and seeing things?

These are all things that are kind of interested as an idea in the show and then promptly forgotten about. There is very little consistency to the world we are being shown. All of those little details are supposed to be the things that add lasting flavor to hat goes on in the story. Since this status quo is ever changing, it never feels like the writers have a hold on what they are supposed to be doing.

But back to the show at hand. I mentioned Ed Brubaker earlier. He is one of my favorite comic writers and he is responsible for some great Iron Fist stories. A lot of borrowed elements in this episode come from his work. I also need to give credit to David Aja for the strong visuals. Two of the warriors Rand faces are clearly based on Immortal Weapons. One looks like a possible Dog Brother #1 and he other is certainly based on Bride of Nine Spiders.

As you might have guessed, the comics versions are a little more over the top. But what is long with a little craziness when you are dealing with warriors from the Seven Cities of Heaven? Go crazy with it. Get close to Hong Kong cinema and just make it insane. Instead, here we get a scientist that knows a few kicks and like a little bit of bondage wear in her fighting clothes.

As for all the hospital scenes with Colleen and Claire: sure. They were fine. I guess I’d have more to say if I thought they were leading somewhere. As it is, i doubt we’ll get more than one or two episodes with Rosario Dawson. For all I know, this could be the last one. I could look it up, but in a way that is a spoiler.

Really, the only thing there that stuck out in my mind was Claire acting like Danny was crazy pants. Think of all the intense wonders Claire has seen in these shows. Most recently she was working on a man with unbreakable, except when it wasn’t, skin. And is memory serving or did the show also explain that it was due to him being part starfish? You know, Starfish Cage. Maybe I’m thinking of something else, but after so many run ins with super powers, I didn’t think Claire would be such a strong voice of skepticism.

Wrap Up:

This is an example of two steps forward and one set back. As you can probably guess the step back is for just being being dainty with the subject matter. I think we are getting close to the moment when I’m just going to start fusing at the show to “poop or get off the pot”.

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