Today I Won At Parenting

Before I come off like too much of a jerk, let me just clarify that title. I don’t mean “I won” as in “I’m the best.” How would something like that even be graded? But every parent knows that there are days when the job just gets the better of them. I’ve only been at this gig for a little under two years I’ve had my share of days where once the little one finally goes down to sleep, I just want to grouse and mutter.

Not today.

I picked the little man up from daycare. We walked home and sang together. Sometimes he had songs I didn’t know, so he would sing and I would just giggle. On the way home the Mrs. texts and I let her know she should just enjoy a cafe or something after a long work day, because we are okay. And I even meant it.

We get home. He wants to play and listen to some music. I get that going and start prepping dinner. Luckily, there was enough leftover Leo food to serve as dinner, so it was just a matter of getting that warmed up and grating up some apple. What can i say, he likes starting his meals with some apple and it is just easier to let that happen.

I make dinner, wash up a bit. We eat. Brush teeth. Play a little bit more. I see the eyelids start to droop, dim the lights, let him use me as a pillow, and ten minutes later he is deep in slumber. So deep that I even manage to get a fresh diaper on him with him stirring even slightly.

Now, I’ve got a sleeping baby, a full belly, a clean sink, and time to relax and read a little before my own bedtime. Heck, I might even watch a bit of a movie. Plus, by letting the Mrs. have her own time, perhaps I’ve even gotten a few good husband points.

I know, I know. All of this is just everyday stuff. But that’s the thing. Just getting through a typical day where at the end of it I’m not dog tired is enough to make me a smiling guy.

What can I say? Today I won.


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