I’ve Got a Two Year Old

My goodness ho the time moves. It seems not so long ago that he was just this little bundle. All the little cliches about tiny babies and how quick they grow are true.

Without pictures it’s hard to remember each little stage. They’re just dots that flick by to be replaced by something new. Too many changes to count.

His herky-jerky movements have been replaced with running and jumps and dances. His coos are now words, sentences and songs.

My world is changed. That’s been true since the day he arrived, but it still feels new. He grows and changes and still feels new. 

He’s been two for a little over a week now. One cliche that has proved false is that it isn’t terrible. He had wants and desires and, sure, occasionally gets fussy. At times all I want is for him to let me sit and relax. But that’s on me.

Because we figure out what he wants or find something else and he goes back to that sweet boy with the big smile. Babies need to play and to get love. My son is the same. So is his father.

I’m sure it’ll get harder. And easier. There will be gains and losses. Good times and frustrating times.

But he’s my son.

All I can do is try and be as good and important to him as he is to me.

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