Grumpy Bird Reviews: The Punisher s01e02 Two Dead Men

When I watched the first episode I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to write another series of reviews and I almost immediately plunged into episode 2. That was when I made the decision. And now I am trying to get the reviews out before I forget what happened where.

phjocm1420qyThe Punisher s01e02 Two Dead Men

writer: Steve Lightfoot

director: Tom Shankland


Quick Review:

More good stuff happening here. We are getting the hint of where the story might be going, and I’ll admit that I’m not overly keen on the idea of it being focused on conspiracies and cover ups, but I’ll give it a chance. If nothing else this episode has me curious on how things shape up. And, again, Bernthal is a beast. Just nailing it every time he is onscreen.

Spoilers Lurk Below


It’s weird.  As I mentioned, I am not really a fan of the conspiracy angle the show seems to be taking. And yet, I am enjoying how those pieces are playing out. I like that the agent is moving in a smart manner, I like that we are also showing Frank as having his own brand of intelligence. He isn’t just a blind killer.

I like the inclusion of Micro and that we are showing that while he has his good points, maybe he has his own problems. Plus, just because he was a tech guy he isn’t good a spy craft. Giving people a variety of skills is something that often gets overlooked. Really I’m just looking to how there two work together and how relationships effect the Punisher’s story.

And good use of Karen Page. Going to go on a but of a tangent. A while ago I watched Supergirl and, surprisingly, I wasn’t very impressed. Some friends convinced me to give it a second chance. After it changed networks. Let’s just say that if i want to have something on in the background as I clean house, Supergirl is just fine for ambient noise. Anyway, I recently saw an episode with reporter Kara was fighting with Mr. Editor about a story and sources, a scene that is almost exactly played out here. Right down to it being a red head arguing with a bald man. Two differences. This editor has a beard. Oh, and also the conversation here feels like a natural, real conversation while Sueprgirl’s felt like an absurd talking point battle between caricatures. So, points to Punisher.


Wrap Up:

Another good episode, but still a rather slow burn, which has been a big warning point of the last few Netflix shows. Still, I have more hope that this series will make it than I was before watching episode one. Some of that hope goes to a co-worker of mine, who has yet to finish a Marvel Netflix series (and he likes almost everything) saying he binged it over the weekend and loved it. It seems there is something right going on.

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