My Mom is Awesome

Through the course of the day I needed to supply an Amazon link to my first novel, Deadly Troubadours. While I was there I noticed that there was a new review. Well, huzzah! Already I’m feeling happy because it is a four-star review and that does put a smile on my face.

Reading the review I find out something interesting. How there reviewer in question found out about the book was that she ending up next to my mom on a flight. They ended chatting, and they must have gotten along, because this was part of the review:

I read this book because it came recommended by a wonderful lady I sat next to on a flight. She told how wonderful a writer her son was and how I would enjoy this book. Can I get a”Thank you Mom?”

I want to take every opportunity I can to applaud my Mom. Not only for being an excellent mother in general, but also because she has helped me so much in my path of being a writer. She has helped me edit and refine both books, given me endless encouragement, and it even seems she is drumming up readers.

My mom is awesome. Thank you, Mom.


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