Grumpy Bird Reviews: Jessica Jones s02e01 AKA Start at the Beginning

Another Netflix/Marvel Show means I am going to try and pace myself and write reviews for the individual episodes. I have had a pretty mixed record of getting this done. For Punisher I only managed to review three shows, which was a shame because I generally liked that series but life was a little busy. What are you going to do?

I want to start with a reminder of my general thoughts of the first season of Jessica Jones. Of course, you can always read my review. But the short version is that I thought there were several strong performances, including Krysten Ritter, but that ultimately the series was far too short on plot to last thirteen episodes and that the heroic victory relied on convenient immunity. Despite having a very strong opening, it turned into a bit of a slog.

Now that I have likely alienated myself from most readers, here we go with this review.

Jessica Jones s02e01 AKA Start at the Beginning

writer: Melissa Rosenberg

director: Anna Foerster


Quick Review:

This is mostly just a stage setting episode. The theme is pretty much where are we know. If you didn’t watch Defenders, no worries. It isn’t really important. Just know that the public is aware that there are low level heroes/vigilantes around. As for the rest, well, its a slow burn start of a mystery surrounding Jessica’s origins. Again, we have strong performances by our returning players. There is really nothing wrong with this episode. If I were watching it in a vacuum, I might be thrilled. Watching it knowing my overwhelming criticism of the Netflix/Marvel shows being a meandering tone that is light on plot means that I am still rather skeptical.

Spoilers Lurk Below


I wish I had more to say about this episode than it seems like this is the start of an origin season. Which, come to think of it was also the point of season one. I guess we are just going to see different aspects of the character origin. But sadly, that doesn’t really interest me.

I like how Krysten Ritter is playing Jessica. She is morose and full of hurt, and yet still strong. She is stubborn and full of pride and incredibly self-damaging. It is a complex character. But there is something about Jessica’a “fuck you, don’t wanna” that makes the idea of a season about self-introspection sound rather tedious. I like that it is tied into the (too quick) death of Whizzer, so it at least has somewhat the air of her going out on a case, but there needs to be something else. So far, this has been a character that is into blocking things out. I just don’t buy the sudden pull for self-discovery. Not yet.

Really, what got me the most interested were the prospects of more Marvel Knights appearing. I’ve ignored all spoilers and even teasers about this season, so I could be speculating about things that are common knowledge. But I want to see Trish turn towards being Hellcat. Also, the new neighbor/building manager was wearing a kind of necklace medallion. I didn’t get a good look at it, and won’t google for fear of spoilers, but really hope this ties into White Tiger.

It might sound odd that in a Jessica Jones series what I want is more connectivity to the universe at large. Or maybe it doesn’t. After all, my introduction to Jessica was in the original issues of Alias, where she was the point of view character for exploring hidden areas of the Marvel Comics Universe and she was great at that. We learned about her not through direct commentary about her history, but by how she responded to those around her. IT would be great to see her used as subtle a manner and as effectively as in those issues.

Wrap Up:

Yeah, I’m interested and I want to watch the next episode. I just wish I were more excited. My fears of “more of the same” haven’t been shaken off yet. Maybe I’ll be more inclined in the next episode.

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