The Writing Blues

I don’t know. I’m creating worlds and setting stories in motion. And yet, for as much as I am enjoying the experience I can’t help but feel I am spinning plates I can’t control. Not so much the art of writing, but the art of getting read.

I wish I knew what the key is to getting out my work out there. I almost said I wish I knew how to market myself better. But I don’t really know what that means. Whenever I think of marketing I think of all that I have read that refers to building a brand and what not, and see how that it is basically gaming the system. Trying to trick people into liking my posts, of following my blog. Fake compliments to get people interested in my because they think that I am interested in them.

I am not good at that. And even though it seems to be a tried and true method, I don’t really wish to become good gaming. As for the more honest side of marketing, that I wish I knew how to do.

But I don’t.

I tell myself that I know how to write a mean story and create some fun worlds. But every now and then I start taking a look at how many people are reading my words or listening to my podcasts and I can’t help but get a little discouraged.

It doesn’t help that my real life concerns, various jobs and an active family life, means that my overall output is rather slow. The frustration of sitting on a finished novel while I wait on art that was supposed to be finished six months ago doesn’t help either.

But I keep on writing. I keep on trying to put myself, and my words, out there. So, hey, if you are looking for a good story, take a look.

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