Late Podcast and Busy Dad

Some of you might be arriving at this site wondering if the latest episode of Bloody Tokyo is supposed to come out today.

Well… It is. But I’m going to change that. The quick reason is I’m late. The more complex reason is as follows.

For the past few years my work schedule allowed me to have Tuesday’s as a private day. That was the time for me to get to work on any creative projects, unencumbered by the realities of my other jobs. That is why traditionally all my podcasts have come out on Tuesdays. It’s been the one day of the week I had to really just sit in a quite house and work and record.

The only thing is, my work schedule has changed. Tuesday is now a half-day, and when work overflows, as it did today, I can easily find myself getting home just in time to run back out and pick up my kid from daycare. He’s three and still needs a lot of attention. Which is great, because he is a super fun guy. We rolled around and played super heroes after getting home until his mom announced dinner was ready.

And now dinner has been eaten and dishes squared away I have time to get to work. But our Tokyo apartment doesn’t really allow us to do quiet recording sessions in the evening. Unless you want to hear the occasional joyful chatter of a toddler in the middle of you neo-noir vampire tale.

I think I need to face it that Tuesday is not going to be the easiest day and that I’m going to have to plan things out a little better.

So, the new plan is to have the podcast come out on Fridays going forward, starting with Chapter 17 that will come out this Friday, February 1st.

Tell your friends.

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