Today is February 5th. In roughly one month my life will undergo a giant, exciting upheaval.

The expected date for the birth of our second child is March 5th.

We are incredibly excited.

I feel like I am alternating between a weird sense of numbness, in that I cannot imagine the changes a second child will bring to our world, and a giddiness where all I do is imagine the thousands of ways that our lives will change.

Of course, I don’t think I really forsake all the ways my some would change my life, so why should I expect better insight into the coming of my daughter.

And that’s another difference. We’ll be welcoming a little girl.

My wife is already excited for a little angel she can drape in pink and ribbons. I just shrug and think “if that’s what she wants” while I hope my enjoyment of superheroes is as easily transmitted to her as it was my son.

Yeah, it’s true. I want both of my kids to enjoy some of the things I’m into. I want the be thirsty for adventure and fun, including superheroics. And I want them to enjoy music that has a bit more behind in than the current idol-pop that is so popular.

But, for her, I’m a little worried. I live in Japan and constantly see the times for women and girls being constrained. And these roles are defined before the child can even lift her head.

So, I do want my daughter to like super heroes. But not just because that is something I like.

I want her to grow up believing that she can be a superhero, if that’s what she wants. I want her to know that if she wants to be loud, or play in the dirt, that doesn’t make her any less of a girl.

I feel I’ll need to vigilant with her to make sure she knows she can be strong, the same way I am vigilant to let my son know that he can be soft.

Were expecting a little girl. She should arrive in a month. And I am so excited to get to know her.

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