Another Sunday at Home

Today was one of those days of quiet progress. I wish I could spend it into a tale that was fascinating and full of adventure. But the truth is I’ve been scrubbing and rearranging furniture for about the past ten hours. The one reprieve from that I did have was taking my little man to the park and playing hide and seek for about two hours.

Don’t take any of that as complaining mind you. I’m glad to have had the time to actually get in and do a deep clean. The room in question has been needing it for a while. It is always amazing to me home much grit, grime and dust can get into the crannies of a room. Half way through the day, even with all the dust kicked up into the air the quality of the room was better. And I think I’ll enjoy the new layout a little better, but it is too early to say for sure.

And as for taking the little man to the park, well, that is one of the best things I can think to do with my free time. We run and climb and laugh. He is almost four and just one of the most amazing creatures I know. And our adventure today all started when he came into the room I was cleaning and just emphatically stated “Daddy, I want to play with you.” I knew my time had been spoken for.

But the real hero of the day was my wife. The only reason I was even able to get as much cleaning done as I did, was that she kept an eye on the little munchkin and made sure he was happy. She even managed to make two amazing meals for the family today. The truth is, getting him out to the park was just as much about trying to give her some rest and relaxation as it was trying to keep him happy. And, of course, trying to tire that little machine out. I swear, he is never gets tired.

But I do. And I need to call it a day. Good night. Time to sleep. Or maybe read. Or play some more Zelda and call it inspiration.

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