Humor at a Young Age

Tonight at dinner my son made me laugh. He is almost four year’s old and he does give me lot’s of laughs throughout the day. But there was something about this one that made it a little special, even if it is a bit hard to describe. There was something in the delivery and content that really showed he knew he was making a joke.

I told him that Mommy was cute and was starting to say that he was cute too, when he let out a bit of a roar. I gave an exaggerated recoil and stopped mid-sentence. Instead of saying he is cute, I tell him that was a scary roar, so maybe he is scary.

He looks at me, gives a little smile, and then lets out a teeny-tiny, high pitched, meow of a roar.

Like so many jokes, you had to be there. The timing and execution was great. But even better was just how much his understanding is growing. I love watching him continue to make connections and experiment.

His joke, that made me laugh. But seeing him learn how to make jokes, that means so much more.


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