Dad Writer with Newborn

I am sitting in a rocking chair with my newborn daughter in my lap. We have spent hours rocking together today.

I’m feeding her a bottle with my left hand, and thumb-typing with my right, because I don’t know if there will be time to write later.

My wife is struggling in the next room to get our three-year-old boy ready for bed. We need these kids to fall asleep so that we can sleep shortly after.

I hav me all these stories on my head that want to get out just as soon as there is time. But the thought that is pushing its way in front of all others is “I want to brush my teeth.”

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2 thoughts on “Dad Writer with Newborn

  1. Even though this one is the shortest blog I have read in a while yet its funny, emotional, uplifting and motivating too. Made me remember my early days with my newborn when life was a struggle.

    1. That is so nice of you to say! I really want to post daily, even if it is just the equivalent of a snapshot, so hearing that the slice can be enjoyed is very motivational to me!

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