A Good Big Brother

Sunday is a family day. We were able to start the day with a video chat to my parents, which when you are oceans away is incredibly important.

Listening to my three-year-old talk with his grandparents always amazes me. Of course there is the abundance of love on both sides. But there is also his language skills.

Living in Japan, I’m his only consistent interaction with English. Outside of kid-friendly videos, which he might watch too often. But, then I hear him interact with his grandparents, and you’d likely not suspect that this isn’t his primary language.

But what really got me, is what happened just now. I’m getting our one-month-old changed and getting ready to rock her to sleep. I get a fresh diaper one her just as my son comes in the room. He wants to hold her hand.

I sit down with her. He stands close and oh so gently takes her hand in his. We rock and he tells me how pretty his baby sister is. We state this way until Mommy calls him to the bath. He gives his sister a wave before he goes.

What a good kid.

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