Grumpy Bird Reviews: Icarus


by: Adam Wing

Two important things:
1) I am a friend of the author.
2) In general, I’m not attracted to retellings.

With those out of the way, this is a great debut work. The world of our main characters is beautifully realized, as are their motivations. Even though it is a retelling the Icarus story, there is so much more in this world that it certainly feels much more alive than the morality tale many of us grew up hearing. Wing’s use of setting heightens that feeling. It really is a beautiful world he builds.

I feel I should mention that I am envious of the precision of Wing’s writing. Not a word feels wasted. Everything serves the world. But even for being so precise, the words are very much alive and full of energy.

Now, you may notice that I am not saying much about the plot. The reason is simple, it is Icarus. There is a good chance you already know the arc of the story. The changes Wing adds and incorporates that make this story his own are very deft and well-crafted, but giving them away feels way to much like giving out spoilers.

I will say that, in my eyes, this is also the books main weakness. The ride of the book was very entertaining, but I started out knowing the destination. While actually reading, this was forgotten and the pages flew by. But, once I put it down, feeling that I already knew where the book would ultimately be heading did make it harder for me to pick it up. But, to be fair, this has very little to do with this novel, but just my general feeling about any retelling. That is just one of my preferences. Still, it makes me all the more eager for Wing to unleash his talent in a completely original tale.

All that said, I would still completely recommend Icarus. And, why not check out Adam Wing’s website.

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