Golden Week Day 7

I love my children very much. Today was spent mostly just the three of us as the Mrs has her own errands to run. And even though it was tiring, it was also quite nice.

We played, we cuddled, we ate. All in all, a good time was had.

Really the roughest part of the day was after the Mrs came back and I got some time off to try and write. I working on a section that has been giving me some trouble, and I think I finally figured out how to make it work. I just need to peace, quiet, and space to write.

Unfortunately, quiet is a luxury item I could not acquire. And no one was being any louder than normal. Not really. But I also feel ground down to the extent that even that extra bit of distraction just made it hard to focus.

Now, at last, everything is quiet because everyone is asleep. But I only have just enough energy to get this out and then get some sleep.

Tomorrow will be another full day. And the in-laws are coming into town and I have no idea what to expect.

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