Like Son Like Father

I’ve had this stuffed animal since 1990. I’m sure of that because it is a little mogwai that I got when Gremlins 2 came out. Memory says that I saved up my allowance to get it, but who knows.

This little stuffed animal has been with me through many stages of life. It came with me to college, and then when I moved to Japan in 2004. Now that is stop and think about it, it might be the possession that has been with me the longest.

For a while the mogwai, yes, I call him Gizmo like in the movie, has been sitting on top of my bookshelf. Just kind of watching over things. But, recently my son, who turned four this month, took notice of this big eared toy. We took it down and he took a shine to the little guy.

Tonight he told us, me and his mom, that he was going to sleep with Gizmo. We told him okay. I could feel my heart swell.

Now, I’ll admit to influencing my son in many ways. I like super heroes and have made it a point to play different super hero games with him. Not forcing him, mind you, but heroes have kind of been ever present. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he likes Spider-Man and other heroes.

But Gizmo, he’s just kind of been there. I haven’t tried in any way to build that interest. And yet, here is my son letting us know he is going to sleep with the same toy that I have cuddled up with on countless nights.

Sure, you could say that he picked up on my joy at seeing Him show an interest. You could say this has more to do with the quality design of the mogwai in general.

But all I know is that it felt nice to see something that comforted me at times now offering comfort to my child.

My son’s last words before drifting off to sleep were “I’m hugging” as he gripped the toy tighter.

I gave him a kiss. Watched him fully drift into sleep.

When I saw my wife I have her a quick squeeze and told her “You made a great kid.”

Her response was “So did you.”

Give him sweet dreams, Gizmo.

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