Eat That Burger

I don’t want to romanticize the good old fashioned American hamburger. I mean, it is one of the greatest foods there is, but that isn’t what I want to dwell on.

But maybe just a little bit more. I’ve spent fifteen years living in Japan and it is a shame that the common image of what a burger is supposed to be is low end fast food rather than homemade meat patties topped with fresh veggies. Maybe some cheese. At least, that is how I make them. And they are good.

It was a good feeling when I won my wife over to the tastiness that is a good burger. And as my son gets older and has an easier tie eating a variety of foods, watching him enjoy a burger is a simple but profound joy. It’s a combination of watching him enjoy food I’ve made, and also find a bit of a connection to where his daddy is from.

Here is to many more connections.


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