Watching the Muppets

Four year olds are full of energy. At least my son is. Loves to play, run, jump, dance. He also likes to watch little videos. I do feel guilty about it, but it is also another source of English input, so it is a trade off.

Mostly he likes to watch little shorts through the YouTube kids app. I’ve tried showing him longer movies and shows in the past, but he hasn’t really gotten i. To anything.

Tonight, on a whim, I showed him the original Muppet Movie. We cuddled together and watched. For a while there he grew so still that I though he had fallen asleep. Later my wife confirmed that he was awake the entire time. He was just transfixed by Kermit and the gang’s journey to Hollywood.

No doubt that most of the jokes and cameos made little if any since to him. But there was still something about watching the realness of Kermit and Fozzie that captured him.

And every stage of my life, whenever I watch this flick, I find something that resonates. But, then again, I think everyone is likely moved by “Life’s like a movie. Write your own movie. Keep believing. Keep pretending.”

So, thanks Jim. Yours is the first movie my son and I watched start to finish together. We miss you.

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