Rainy Day Thoughts

Today’s weather was just oppressive enough to keep myself and my two little ones inside most of the day. I’m starting to get a little cabin fever, now that the day is almost over. Of course, I’m also sleepy enough where I might as well just read a book and try and call it a day. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

But, after spending the entire day looking into my children’s faces, I realized that they are like little organic time machines. I look at them and see my past. How I must have acted so many years ago. Or at least close enough.

But I also see a future. Many futures. Some good. Other, less so. If I look close enough, I can almost pretend I’m there.

But all the same, sometimes you just want a moment to slow down and stretch into forever.watching my son learn to write his name, where every challenge is still part game. Watching my daughter learn how to laugh.

Slow down. Don’t be in such a hurry to rush to those futures.

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