Tarot Tuesday: Intro

For the past few years I have been on and off dabbling with tarot cards. Not enough where I can call myself an expert or anything g, but enough so that I can manage my way through a reading or two. Hopefully without having to double check too much.

Still, I like the cards. I like their design. I don’t think think their are spirits guiding the choice of the cards. (Probably not.) but I think they are well planned archetypes that can be used to help someone work out a problem.

As I side, I have been doing this off and on for a while now, so I though I might start a new little project here in this blog. Everyday Tuesday I will choose a card or two and try and go into detail about its meaning and how it can be interpreted. Or, at least what I have pooled together to form my interpretation.

I imagine there will be some disagreements, but hopefully there will be enough here to serve as a resource. Or just spread some interest.

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