Tarot Tuesday: 3 of Pentacles

To celebrate my first day back at my regular job, let’s take a look at a card that essentially revolves around teamwork.

3 of Pentacles

When drawn this card indeed suggests that the way forward lies in teamwork, but in order to make use of that teamwork you also need both skill and planning.

Great craftsmanship should not be rushed into or rushed through. Knowing how you intend to proceed will only help, and once in progress take care to do things correctly.

However, even though teamwork will be useful, don’t take that as a reason to lose faith in your own skills. You are an essential part of the team. Doubting your own competence will only cause delays and make the journey harder.

Another pitfall would be obsessing over details. Having a plan is useful, but over planning can sometimes be another way of never starting.

Likewise, don’t by trapped by waiting for what you envision is the perfect team. Waiting for such a thing can cause stagnation.

From “Golden Thread Tarot”

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