Tarot Tuesday: 5 of Cups

As the weather is about to turn colder and cloudier, this particular card feels even more ominous.

5 of Cups

This card comes to us with messages of loss and regret. Feelings of mourning permeate it. These feeling will likely be at their strongest.

With such strong negative feelings existing, it can be all too easy to focus on what has been lost instead of what we still have. Ignoring what we have just makes the feeling of loss even more acute, turning it k to a vicious cycle. This card can serve as a signal that we are feeling trapped and need to try and focus on the good to pull ourselves out of the hole we are in.

Accepting our loses is one of the surest ways to bring about positive change and new beginnings.

On occasion this card can also serve as a warning of upcoming loss, or that we are starting to be in the throes of regret, and that we should begin steps to heal and minimize any felt loss.

Golden Thread Tarot

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