Tuesday Tarot: Knight of Swords

Everyone knows that February, while short, can be one of the more difficult months. So, let’s try and change our perspective with some new energy.

Knight of Swords

Knights do tend to be about action and with sword in hand, this one is no different. The knight of swords indicates an extreme.

For good or bad this card is self assured and often overly assertive. Depending on the layout this can serve as a warning of how you are being seen by others, or even asking you take on those aspects into your own personality. Sometimes we all need to be a bit more assertive to accomplish our goals.

Another value of the Knight of Swords is to be pure of heart and straight forward. guile and beating around the bush doesn’t come into play with this card. Know what you want and go after it actively. Challenges likely stand in your way, but this card calls you to face those challenges straight ahead.

To once again face the negatives this card can imply, let’s take a moment to admit that self assuredness, when pushed to far, is simply vanity. And being bold, without cautioned with wisdom, can just result in being tactless and offensive.

This card can also hint that something is coming to an end, or may even hint at death.

Golden Thread Tarot

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