Sunday Fun

Another successful Sunday. A nice lunch with a cousin-in-law. Time at the park with both my munchkins. All good stuff.

It I’m going to jump to when we decided it was just getting too cold for our baby girl, so we decided I would head home first with her.

It was nice just to have the two of us to crawl around and talk and laugh in the apartment. Okay, I did the talking, but we both had the laughs. And this is one of the few times this has happened.

Generally, we are all together or one parent is watching both kids. If it is one parent per kid, generally speaking I’m the one who needs to get out of the house, or is just keen to go somewhere. Just kind of happens that way. So, to be able to just play with the little lady at home felt like a bit of a treat.

Speaking of treats, on the way home we also stopped off at a supermarket that sold some fixings for tacos, so that is in the menu for tomorrow. Trust me, after living in Japan for 15 years tacos are a reason for excitement, even if the are simple American homestyle tacos.

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