Love in the time of Corona (2)

Maybe I should start this out with what this post is not. No where in here will you find numbers or statistics about the spread of the virus. I’m mostly writing this to just give a slight taste of how we (my family and I) are doing here in Japan.

First off, we are pretty lucky. Our children are young enough to be in daycare and our daycare is (mostly) running normally. I worry for all the families with elementary aged children who suddenly found themselves with nothing planned to keep their kids occupied during the day.

Our daycare did cancel the goodbye program they had planned for the older kids. Well, the cancelled the parents attendance. Instead the 3yo sang a song to the 2yo. The teachers took a video we can watch in the lobby. We are trying to get them to make the data available, but there is resistance.

Riding the trains is interesting. Almost everyone is wearing a mask. I’m one of those that believe that in an majority of cases daily life mask wearing is pretty useless. But there they are. I’m lucky that my wife also isn’t a bigger wearer of masks and since she has actual medical training it makes me feel better about it.

Still, masks aren’t even readily available anymore. Rumor has it that lines form at drugstores to get the few packages available. Toilet paper and other paper products are still on the scarce side. Not impossible, but just scarce. We have our portion and I’m just going to hope that things return to normal soon. I really don’t want to buy any more than normal. We are a little worried if there comes a run on diapers. The fun of having a baby.

At the end of the day, from where we sit, there is an feeling of panic coming from some areas. But nothing has really changed that effects us directly. So, I guess we’re just lucky.

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