Tarot Tuesday: The High Priestess (2)

We all cherish our secrets, even as we some times hide behind them. But sometimes there can be too many secrets.

The High Priestess

As with most of the major arcana, the high priestess has several meaning and can be difficult to interpret without looking at the whole.

A card of secrets and feminine power. This card asks you to harness your intuition and tap into the divine. These secrets and divine can combine to ask you to tap into that hidden place and let your dreams unfold. For artists, musicians and the lien this can be a symbol to start the act of creation.

For all it’s secrets this card also offer means that it is time to start be open, or to start exploring whatcha been hidden or forgotten. Solutions don’t always cone by the obvious answers.

This can also be a call to step out of the shadows and not to worry of being found out.

From “Golden Thread Tarot”

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