Too Many Drinks

After the abbreviated day today my co-worker and I went to get lunch at the local pub. Now it’s almost eight hours later and I’ve just left on the train home. Nothing worthwhile will be said tonight. Other than I am really enjoying listening to Ton Segura’s comedy.

3 Day Weekend

It was a nice long weekend with the kids. They are indeed angels, but sometimes angels need a lot of attention. and that can. Make even the happiest of times a little draining. I’ve tried several times to get the bat off my shoulder with the regular feature, Tuesday Tarot, it it really wasn’t going … More 3 Day Weekend


A hot shower can really jog the mental processes. Unfortunately tonight mine just whispered to me that I need to come up with more ways to come up with time. At least the kitchen is clean, so that is one less thing to worry about tomorrow. Oh, I also came up with ways to connect … More Showers

Day Off

Today I was surprised with a rare day off. I’m taking full advantage. Tune in tomorrow for hijinks. Now, I’m going to curl up with a book and read until I get too sleepy.

Becoming a Habit

The rain never really stopped today, but it did turn into a fine enough mist that we could almost ignite the damp. That was how the day went. Now it is at an end. Both kids are asleep, showers have been had, and I read u til my eyes felt heavy. Then, like remembering I … More Becoming a Habit


It’s the time for love. That’s true, even if it isn’t romantic love. A challenge for today: Find someone you care for and just tell them they are important to you. A bigger challenge: Think if someone who makes your life difficult. Not someone toxic or harmful. Just a little difficult. What is something you … More Valentine’s

Again to Bed

Last week, I got spoiled. An odd schedule and a few cancelled lessons meant that I had a bit more time to stop and breathe during the week. This week has been different. Schedules full enough that even when they suddenly lighten there is more than enough to fill the void. Here we are about … More Again to Bed

Sunday Fun

Another successful Sunday. A nice lunch with a cousin-in-law. Time at the park with both my munchkins. All good stuff. It I’m going to jump to when we decided it was just getting too cold for our baby girl, so we decided I would head home first with her. It was nice just to have … More Sunday Fun

The Surprise

This is one of those days that I am glad my wife doesn’t read my blog. I believe I have succeeded in picking out the perfect Valentines present. I’m not going to say what it is, just in case. The reality is I don’t really even need to do anything for Valentines. Seeing as we … More The Surprise