Sunday is for Family

Like most families, the Mrs. and I feel like we are constantly in motion. Even the days that are supposed to be relaxing, are generally put to use letting us recover from the days previous. Both of us are forever filling in what little unstructured time we have with more work, especially the work that comes from our non-traditionally careers. (Yes, I am lumping in my novelist dream as non-traditional.)

But, even with that pull to constantly be working, there is one day the we try and keep work free. That is Sunday. Sunday is that day that we try and come together and enjoy the day as the four of us. Or, at the least, each take a kid and keep them as entertained as possible.

Today followed the pattern.

I woke up first. Just early enough to make some coffee and have a quick breakfast. Soon after my son woke up. The moment his eyes opened, he was eager to get to playing.

Well, kind of. Sort of playing. We read books together. One after another for close to an hour. Long enough for his mom to also wake up and join in the fun. And soon it was all four of us playing together.

Mom soon got a light meal together for herself and our son while I kept the kids entertained.

Once the kids both got fed and were ready to relax, the Mrs. and I figured out the plan for the day. I’d take our little girl for a walk and then we’d meet all together for a large, early dinner.

I’ve written this several times, but even after years of living here, it still boggles my mind that I am so close to the heart of Shinjuku. The first place I remember living was a town of less than 5,000 people. Now I live in one of the most active cities in the world. Absolutely boggles.

After running some errands we all met up for a leisurely meal of shabushabu at one of our favorite restaurants. Lots of eating and laughing. Then, it was time to head back home. Now, as we all prepare for sleep, I write this in the hopes that a few readers will enjoy a brief tale of what a typical Sunday looks like for the Thomas family.

Sleepiness is setting in and soon the work week will start and once again we will try and make the most of it. Hopefully we will.

Good night. Sweet dreams. And safe travels.

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