Hot diggity! After several rounds of edits and transformations and print samples, the cover for Deadly Troubadours is finalized! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really love how this cover looks. There is such a since of fun and magic to this cover. I think that spirit is also in the … More Covered!

The Full Cover

  This is the full cover of the paperback copy. Most likely it is the final version. I think it looks awesome. The pencil art was done by my wife, who illustrates under the pen name Rika Touma.


All I seem to talk about lately is my Indiegogo campaign. With good reason. I want to hit the goal and everything I read states that if you want to hit that goal, you need to talk about it. And so I am. A lot. Not only here, but I am sending out emails over … More 25%