Hot diggity! After several rounds of edits and transformations and print samples, the cover for Deadly Troubadours is finalized!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really love how this cover looks. There is such a since of fun and magic to this cover. I think that spirit is also in the book as well, as long as a healthy dollop of darkness.

300 copies of the novel are currently being printed and are scheduled to arrive in my apartment on January 30th. A little under 100 copies are currently spoken for, leaving plenty of others available. If you are interested in your on copy, stop on over to my Indiegogo storefront or reach out to me on my Facebook page (or email of course.)

I’m really excited to get this book physically out there in the world. Once the pre-orders are properly shipped, I also have plans to make it available through Amazon, but the edition will be slightly different. The text will be the same of course, but we did strive for a higher paper grade and a few other features that aren’t possible through print-on-demand that Amazon offers. It will be interesting to see if we succeeded in offering a superior quality edition.

Anyway, the novel will soon be here! Huzzah!

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