All I seem to talk about lately is my Indiegogo campaign. With good reason. I want to hit the goal and everything I read states that if you want to hit that goal, you need to talk about it. And so I am. A lot. Not only here, but I am sending out emails over and over again. There is a list of names of likely contributors or folk who have said they will make a contribution but haven’t yet. And so I email.

I’ll be honest. I’m getting a little tired. I was reading something my friend and fellow author tweeted about creative types hating marketing. I feel much that same way. Not only do I want the art to speak for itself and not have to push it onto people, but then there is the whole acceptance thing. I think what I wrote is pretty awesome. Which is natural. And I think if other people read it they would find it awesome too. But every failed sales pitch, well, to keep from getting to whiny let’s just say that failure adds to doubt and that isn’t good, especially when it smacks into not wanting to bother people too much.

But I want this book to succeed. And by that I mean I want to hit my goal. The truth is I have raised enough money that it is no longer a financial risk  to print the book. That is a version of success. But I want the big victory. I want to hit my goal.


There is of course the “why climb a mountain?” response. But that is a pretty crap way to try and convince people to buy a book. So, let’s look at the deeper reasons. Easiest to explain is that every book means a little bit more cash in the pocket. With printing 300 copies, every copy sold currently gets me about $5, which is first going to go to various advertising fees. Once all this is over I can actually do some accounting to see how much money needs to go where. All I can honestly say is that the various perks have indeed helped raise cash, but it makes the math a little tricky in how many I have to sell to hit what point.

The other big plus for hitting my goal is that I can keep the Indiegogo store open. Sure, there are places for people to buy the ebook and after the campaign I have every intention of putting the physical copy up on Amazon. But, as was the motivation for this whole campaign in the first place, it is difficult for those where I live to get that copy. Having an Indiegogo store open will make it much easier for people to order the book if they want.

The last big goal is in planning for the future. I am currently at work on Book 2 of the Deadly Troubadours. This first foray into self publishing has been a learning experience. Looking back I think I did almost everything I should have backwards. That is something I can go into later in another post. But I currently intend to release the sequel through Indiegogo before releasing it anywhere else. And, I can’t help but think that having this campaign be successful will increase the odds of future campaigns.

But first there is this campaign. And I have 25% left to earn and less than 5 days to do so. The reality is I need lots of help. It is hard to calculate how many buys since there are multiple countries involved. But simply put, if a maximum of 36 individuals were to purchase a copy of this book, I would hit my goal.

It is possible. But I need help.

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