Planning Fun

I get to wear many hats. Some of the most important ones are when I get to devote myself to being husband and father. Those never really come off. But for work the hard slide around. I suppose my main one is as a teacher. The one I’d like to wear more often is that … More Planning Fun

Snow Camp (2)

The second day of our second session. Combine this with the three days of training and we get less than two weeks. But in that short time I can feel myself growing closer to the new staff and seeing all the wonderful aspects that make me so happy when I see returning staff. There is … More Snow Camp (2)

Snow Camp (1)

Just a mini update. Trying to get this in under the wire. Being from the American south, there is so much about snow that astonished me. On December 26th, our first session, there was so little snow on the ground that we were worried about safe skiing. Now, everything is blanketed in powder. Overnight cars … More Snow Camp (1)

Off to Camp

Time for a nice weekend in the mountains. Once again, I’ll be working with my usual camp group so we can provide a group of kids some outdoor experiences and a bit of an English environment. It’s a small camp with only a handful of staff. But not just any staff. It’s a crew of … More Off to Camp

Many Differences

Most of my summer is spent at a camp living and working with amazing people from all over the world. We come from different cultures and religions and all strive to give children an unforgettable summer. We work in harmony and at times I feel we learn as much as our campers. And in my … More Many Differences

Off to Camp

For the fourth summer in a row, I will be spending much of my time this year working at a summer camp in the mountains of Japan. All in all it will be over a month spent at camp, pretty much on a five days on, three days off schedule. Some of the things I … More Off to Camp

Day After

Four days ago I went into the mountains for camp. That means four days without seeing my one-year-old son. I’ve gone to camps before, but he’s grown so much we weren’t sure how he would react. Last night when I came back he was fast asleep. This morning he woke up. I heard him stirring … More Day After

Day 4

A successful last day. That means getting kids out and in skies. Getting them back in and getting gear squared away and rooms clean. Riding about 5 hours while keeping everyone, staff included, as happy as possible. Returning those kids to their parents and making the parents as happy as possible. And last, enjoying a … More Day 4

Day 3

Camp is almost over. As a ski camp, that means the kids have adjusted enough so that they are mostly off with their ski leaders on the hills. That also means that I have a bit more time to play. Today’s bit of play meant going down the skil hill on a plastic sled. Which, … More Day 3