Off to Camp

For the fourth summer in a row, I will be spending much of my time this year working at a summer camp in the mountains of Japan. All in all it will be over a month spent at camp, pretty much on a five days on, three days off schedule.

Some of the things I love about cam is that it gives me a chance to get a little closer to nature, and spend some time with dirt and trees. True, are camp site is at a lodge, but being able to hike and kayak in a lake most days certainly make sit more natural than my life in Tokyo.

Also, there is usually an international staff to work with. I love having a wide range of people and personalities to work with and usual gain so much from the experience. Plus, there is the hope that seeing such a united, colorful staff will influence the kids, most of home live in very homogeneous environments. What better way to convince them that there is value in variety than by seeing such diversity live and work together.

Of course, being at camp does make it hard to keep writing. Long hours with lots of activity doesn’t really leave me with the energy to sit down and type for an hour at night. Normally its all I can do to shower and crawl up the stairs to my quarters before crashing for the night.

Still, I’m finished with my second draft of the sequel. I’ve got at least two more projects in the planning stage. On of those projects will hopefully be out this time next year. Another of the projects is designed to start by September. Stay tuned for more news for those.

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