Still Editing and Still Planning

I’m back from camp training and am using a bit of the rest time to work on the sequel. I’ve been super fortunate this time to be working with a de facto editor who is really helping me tighten up this manuscript. Within days of sending him the second draft he responded with a variety of suggestions from typos to clunky sentences. There were also reminders of story elements that we disagree on, but in a very nice “we’ve talked about it and I respect your reasons, but here is a quick summation of my thoughts.”

I really like that. I like that not only does my editor point out those elements he doesn’t like, but that he appreciates that we can have different opinions. No passive aggressive snark or anything, just a “here ya go.” I’d love to go into more detail of what makes this guy great, but I’m saving that for when he might be able to set up his own little shop. Let me just end this little bit with saying a public “Thank you” to him.

So, I’ve been working on that sequel, but I’ve got two other projects I’m working on. I don’t want to go too in depth about them yet, other than to say I’m hoping to have one out there in the world before October. The other might take until next year to be a reality. And that both are still elements of genre fiction. Although, arguably for fairly differently audiences.


I mean, I’m the same guy and I’m excited about both of them, is I imagine there is some crossover. After all, what rule is there that says the same person can’t enjoy a coming of age, young adult tail of a young orc woman, and also dive into a vampire horror story set in modern day Tokyo.

Or perhaps I’m saying too much…

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