Today has been a day for just managing to try and pick things up a little. That goes both for the real life and the writing life.

Real life terms, I’ve been getting caught up on laundry, playing with my birds (literally), putting out the recycling, and once I’m done with this post I’ll be washing a fair amount of dishes and cooking dinner. You know, the fun stuff.

As for the writing part, I’ve redone the menu of this site (did you notice it lists my podcasts now?) Also, I’ve cleaned up and added a few more tiers on my Patreon site. Feel free to check that out.

Let me reword that. Please check out my Patreon site. With at least two new books coming out this calendar year, now is the time to sign up and get added to the Patron thanks page in the releases.

How do I know there is going to be two books this year? Math. First off, there is all the work going into to the sequel. I’m putting the final touches on what counts as the third (and possibly final draft.) The goal is the start a crowdfunding campaign for that in mid-Septemeber so I can have it in people’s hands by November.

The other book is an upcoming horror property. Well, it is somewhere between a proper book and a podcast. Basically it will be serialized horror set in Tokyo put out as a podcast and later collected into novellas. And I put the first 2000 words on paper today. Also expect this in mid-September as a podcast with the first ebook volume coming out by December.

That’s my plan. The only snag is that for most of the next month I’ll be spending five out of every eight days in the mountains working at a summer camp. But that won’t kick my butt too much, will it? Yeah, probably. But words gotta get put on paper.

Just whispering story ideas to one of my familiars.

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