Day After

Four days ago I went into the mountains for camp. That means four days without seeing my one-year-old son. I’ve gone to camps before, but he’s grown so much we weren’t sure how he would react. Last night when I came back he was fast asleep.

This morning he woke up. I heard him stirring in his little bed at the foot of the bed my wife and I share. She was already up. He could hear her moving around in the other run and was starting to let her know he was awake. I pulled the blankets aside and rolled close to him. He turned around and saw me.

A little smile went across his face. He walked over to me and the smile grew with each step. We cuddled. Every now and then he would do a little dance. 

Daddy was back home and my son was happy to have me. 

Sometimes that’s all you need.

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