Too Long, No Write

Holy Jeez.

The last time I wrote anything here was in April. That is far too long. But don’t worry, I have an excuse. And it is a good one. honest.


Okay, not really. That was all a lie. Or maybe it was a set up. Not like a scam set up, but like a set up to this post.

Because in the months between April and September, a lot has happened. Just not in the big life changing way. More like in the small, every day is busy kind of way. Okay, fine. Big, life-changing things are also in the midst of happening. But I don’t want to get into that right now, so I am just going to hand wave and misdirect away from that. For now.

Some of the little big things that did happen are my parents visited. That is always a pleasure. No, seriously. Sure, it does mean putting a lot of things on hold, but when the live roughly 16 hours away by airplane, it is worth putting things on hold to get some quality time with them.

Once they left, it was practically time for camp season to start up again. Long term readers of this space will now that for the past five years I have spent the months July and August in the Japanese countryside helping to manage an outdoor English camp. This year was no exception, except that the work started from June. That added a little bit of extra work into the mix, but it always added a bit more to my wallet, so I’m all happy there.

Camp is amazing and one of my favorite parts of the year. Even if it is exhausting and prevents forward progress from really happening on anything that isn’t camp related. And since this year I have been feeling a general lack of progress, having that camp block doesn’t make me feel to proud of myself. Well, I feel good for camp me, just not writer/creator me.

But here I am. I am back in Tokyo. Back in the home base. Back at teaching. Back at feeling the need to get to work. I have books to write, podcasts to make, ukuleles to play. But I also have AWOL artist, partners with full schedules, and lack of people who want to strum with me. Wow, that got whiny fast.

Anyway, I do want to get back into creating. I miss it. I want to continue putting things out there. I just need to figure out how, and who with.

Oh, and I need to refigure out so much tech stuff. The way Amazon puts out paperback is changing, which means the means I have of getting my book in one of the largest English bookstores in Japan is going to dry up. Plus, my way of directing my posts to my Facebook page no longer works because of rules, so I have to figure that out as well.

Feels less like creating and more like homework.

But thats okay. I can do this. It is what I signed up for when I decided to be a DIY creator.

(deep breath. deep breath.) 

Me at camp. Drinking water.

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