Last Reminder

For all of June my novel, Deadly Troubadours, has been free on sites like Smashwords and through the Apple Store (or iTunes or iBooks, whatever the most recognizable name is.) June is almost over And once we hit July the price is going to return to its normal $5.50 (plus whatever taxes and fees different … More Last Reminder

A Reminder

My 35th birthday is almost a week away and my first Father’s day as a father is less than a week. To celebrate my fantasy novel, Deadly Troubadours, is free for a limited time from most online retailers (such as iTunes and Smashwords.) If you don’t own it, please accept it as my gift. If … More A Reminder

Rebranding Me

I took a step yesterday that I’ve been pondering for a while now. It is a small and simple step and already seems to be paying off. I changed the name of my Facebook page. I started this page last year as a place to help spread the word about my book, Deadly Troubadours. I … More Rebranding Me

Trolling for Reviews

Looking over this blog I notice that I spend a lot of my time reviewing. I’ve talked about comics, tv, movies. Heck, my podcast, Comics League International is basically a review show. Plus it is highly entertaining. (I think. There aren’t that many reviews to be honest.) I like reviewing materials. I like giving my … More Trolling for Reviews