Almost a Last Reminder

I’m sure by now regular readers are well informed about my novel, Deadly Troubadours. They know that I feel it is a fun, fantasy romp that breaks up comic humor with scenes of suspense and a little darkness.

But I’m bringing it up again because it is still going for free from certain online retailers (including Apple and Smashwords). Unfortunately Amazon isn’t letting me offer it for free, because that is reserved for books offered exclusively through Amazon. You can still purchase it there, but at the normal price.

Why am I offering for this limited time discount. Because it is June and June is my birthday. And it is Father’s Day and I am a father. And I want you to get me a present. The present I want is very specific.

Reviews. I want review and reviews and reviews. As an independent artist/novelist I need your reviews in order to get this book in front of more people. These reviews, along with word of mouth and suggesting the book to a friend, is currently the best way to get new readers.

Many thanks to everyone who has already reviewed. If you are looking to help out as well, then the next step is simple. Copy your review and post it to a new site. The three best locations to post your review are on Amazon, Goodreads, and Apple. Smashwords is probably a good fourth option.

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