Father’s Day/Birthday Sale

Little known fact about me: I was born on Father’s Day. I’ve been guilty in the past of telling my dad that since I’m still around I’m all the father’s day gift he needed. Hopefully I at least got or made him a card…

But this year Father’s Day falls on June 19th and my birthday, as always is on June 21st. Not  the same day, but pretty close. I realized recently, now that I have a kid, I’m probably going to get my birthday and father’s day presents lumped together. And you know what, if it is something great, something I really want, I’m okay with that.

But, I’m also a bit tricky to buy for. I’m particular about the ratty, worn down clothes that I wear. And some comics I love and some I really don’t go for. Books of course are nice, but where do I put them? So, I am a little hard to shop for.

But this year it is easy. I want reviews for Deadly Troubadours. Oh, man, do I want some reviews. That would thrill me, so see a few more reviews added to the tally at Amazon, iTunes, Goodreads and Smashwords. All ready left a review at one of those places? It would still mean a lot if you could copy and paste that same review to the other sites.

Now, you might have noticed that I am asking for reviews, not purchases. There are a few reasons for this. One, I’ve already been given so much support (and cash) from friends and family in the year since this book has come out. That has and does mean so much. But I do need that next step of getting the book read and reviewed so others will be willing to take a risk on an unknown author.

Now, if you haven’t purchased a copy yet, I’ve got something in mind for you as well. On Smashwords I’ve set the price to free. That means that for any store that uses Smashwords distribution (iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Scribd, Rakuten, etc.) Basically it seems Smashwords distributes to almost everywhere but Amazon. In the next 24 hours most places where Deadly Troubadours is available as an ebook should be offering it for free.


If you are determined to pay for a copy, you can visit Amazon and purchase it there. Which begs the question, why isn’t it free on Amazon? Basically because Amazon won’t let me. To maximize places where Deadly Troubadours can be bought, I am not signed up for the KDP Select service (which would let me make it free, but would also make it Amazon exclusive.)

But that is more of how the sausage is made than you might like. At the end of the day, I’m hoping readers of this blog, new and old, will help me celebrate my first Father’s Day and my 35th birthday by adding some new reviews for my book.

I would really appreciate it.

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