Rebranding Me

I took a step yesterday that I’ve been pondering for a while now. It is a small and simple step and already seems to be paying off.

I changed the name of my Facebook page.

I started this page last year as a place to help spread the word about my book, Deadly Troubadours. I believe I read somewhere that there should be a page for every book written. And maybe at some point that is true, but for now I’m not sure that is the nest for me.

The why is simple. I’ve been using that page less as an update site strictly for my book, but more for any update concerning this site, my podcasts and any future projects. Which is why I changed the page from being for Deadly Troubadours to being for myself as an author.

Yep, the page is now for Brent Thomas. Already there has been a decent amount of friends who have made the step to liking the page who didn’t while it was under the banner of Deadly Troubadours. Which makes since, in a way. I can understand someone perhaps putting off liking a page for a book until they’ve actually read the book and that it is easier to like a page for me based on my surely winning personality.

Maybe at some point way down the line I will make another specific Deadly Troubadours page. But for now it seems the best option to try and consolidate and make best use of one spot rather than forcing them to like various pages. Besides. I have two projects that I hope to release in the next year and hopefully this Facebook page can become a nice tool for alerting people.

Long and the short, if you enjoy the updates on this site please take a moment to like the Brent Thomas Facebook page. And as a further reminder, Deadly Troubadours is currently free as an ebook from various online retails, such as Apple’s iTunes/iBooks, as part of my 35th Birthday/1st Father’s Day Celebration. Downloading, reading, and reviewing during the month of June will surely make this an awesome birthday month for me.

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