Wannabe Troubadour

Music is magic. It transmits emotion, stories, space, and can do all that without words. Add some words to the music and the creations get even more complex. It’s magic. It’s witchcraft. I write a good amount of bards and troubadours in my stories. And in this case the old adage is true. My writing … More Wannabe Troubadour


With clumsy fingers he begins to play. The notes bump into each other and stumble around the room. The rhythm ebbs and flows with little cares for how the song dictates. It moves at its own pace. Slowly, a sort of sense is built. The rhythm holds in the center and the notes begin to … More Strum


In my never ending quest to get the whole world reading my books and supporting my writing habit… er… I mean… No, that’s pretty much exactly what I mean. Anyway, in that interest, I’ve started using Instagram as of about 5 hours ago. It’s neat. Pictures are fun. But I’d be lying if I said … More Instagramming

Ukulele Smooth

We all need something that clears our heads. Something that helps us relax and get those good feelings flowing. Hopefully we’ve got more than one trick that gets us centered. I know I’ve got a couple. Sometimes a simple hot shower will work. Sometimes all it takes is 30 minutes on my rowing machine. Working … More Ukulele Smooth

Ukulele Meetup

Taking a little break from my Daredevil reviews. I’m eager to continue with the series, but last night was my first time going to an ukulele get-together. I’ve been trying to get more serious about practicing the ukulele. It is such a fun little instrument and I really do think that just playing around and … More Ukulele Meetup