Wannabe Troubadour

Music is magic. It transmits emotion, stories, space, and can do all that without words.

Add some words to the music and the creations get even more complex.

It’s magic. It’s witchcraft.

I write a good amount of bards and troubadours in my stories. And in this case the old adage is true. My writing does reveal what I want to be. I want to be a troubadour.

But as loud and outspoken as I can be, music is the area I am shy. It is where I truly feel I am not good enough. I don’t practice enough, I don’t play enough, I don’t find the time to make myself better.

But I want to get there.

I want to be a troubadour.

Because music is magic.

(And as a special bonus, here is my playing the camp song of the group I work with.)

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