In my never ending quest to get the whole world reading my books and supporting my writing habit… er… I mean… No, that’s pretty much exactly what I mean. Anyway, in that interest, I’ve started using Instagram as of about 5 hours ago.

It’s neat. Pictures are fun. But I’d be lying if I said I completely understood it. Still, I thought the same thing about Facebook and I probably spend too much time on that as well.

But I’m on the ‘gram (is that what the cool folk call it?) Currently I have like 8 followers. Which is small. Even smaller than I have on this site. Which is a little sad.

So, help bring a little light into this world and follow me on Instagram. Expect to see different pictures of my birds, my ukulele, notebooks, pens, sights around Tokyo, etc. Okay, and probably my son as well.

How new am i to this site? I don’t really know how to get you to follow me. I think you can click here. Or, if you don’t like clicky action you can look for brentthomastroubadour. Because that is fun to type.


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