Ukulele Strum-a-Long #2

I trying to embrace the “troubadour” aspect of this site, and for me that means strumming along on my ukulele. As much fun as it is to do alone, I think having more people join in on the musical process makes it even better.

I’ve put together a little Facebook event, which you can see here, for folk in the Tokyo area who want to meet up and play on a certain Saturday morning in March. The details are in the link, or you can see them below.

There is something nice about playing music with other people. I’m hoping to start a light hearted group open to all levels of players to enjoy a little bit of strumming the ukulele and some singing. If your curious, I’d consider myself somewhere in the late beginner/early intermediate level.

We have the second floor Washitsu (tatami room). It’s a wide space, although it lacks chairs.

The center has asked that numbers be limited to 11.

The room reservation is from 9:00-12:00. That morning I will be taking my soon to daycare, so I won’t be at the center until around 9:30. So:
Doors open at 9:45
Start playing at 10:00

I really want new players and beginners to feel welcome. With that in mind, the schedule will be the first hour or so will be spent on two and three chord songs.

The second hour we will explore more complex songs.

For the songs, I will prepare some simple song sheets with the lyrics and chords. Attendees should feel free to bring copies of songs they want to play with the rest of the group.

For the last 15 minutes or so we will open up the floor for solo performances. Attendees should feel free to present a song (or just part of a song) they have been working on. Again, I really want new players to feel welcome. I know it is hard for most beginners to play in front of others, but I’d like this group to really encourage new players to try their best and reward their efforts with hearty applause.

There is no charge to attend, but there is a room charge of 1400 yen. If any attendees want to donate 100yen, I wouldn’t say no.




I’m hoping to make this a monthly thing. Hope to meet some of you there!


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