Multiple Games

One of my hobbies is a good old table-top RPG, both as a player and as a GM. Recently I’ve mostly been running games. In the past month I got the opportunity to run the same basic adventure with two different parties. Now, I’ll admit to having a few go-to story structures and game elements … More Multiple Games

Four RPG Haiku

Dice That’s how you roll dice. Let me show you a man’s roll. Damn. Critical Miss.   Game You play that system? But that’s the dumbest rule set. Can I join the game.   Difference That’s such a kid’s game. Isn’t it time you grow up? Can’t you just watch sports.   Worlds Tabletop and … More Four RPG Haiku

Roll the Bones!

I’m a fan of table top rpgs. During college that was still considered a weird thing to most people so my group pretty much kept it a secret. We had code words and everything. Nowadays it seems that almost everyone knows someone who openly plays and no one really cares. Just another way the geek … More Roll the Bones!