Pathfinder Character Sketch

Playing a new character in a Pathfinder campaign on Sunday. Trying to get inside her head.

When darkness swept over the land many saw the tribes of Orcs simply as the foot soldiers of darkness. They were the marauders and berserkers that ruled the plains. What few understood is the the tribes of Orcs were as much a victim of the darkness as any others, perhaps more. For they were captured and magically put under thrall. The darkness twisted their bestial natures and made them living engines of destruction.

Still, there was one tribe that managed to avoid being placed under such thrall. The small, nomadic Lion Rider tribe remained unconquered through the wars that followed. Some credit this achievement to the versatility of their unusual mounts, the giant cats of the plains that give the tribe its name. Fast and ferocious these lions make cunning allies in battle, or expedient methods of escape.

Now that peace has come and the dark thrall has worn, the Lion Rider’s are eager to claim their place as the premier tribe of Orcs and furthermore wish to unit the tribes in a great Orc Nation to prevent such tragedy from occurring again. But first they must cement their relationship with the other allied races.

To do so they are sending a young shaman, daughter of the First Hunter of the tribe, to be one of a group of wardens tending to the former seat of power for the enemy. Some of her tribe see this as a powerful first step for giving her the experience needed to later help lead the tribe. Others see it as the result of a meddling father. And then there are rumors that the current shaman did not appreciate the intrusion of a young upstart.

I need to work on some names.

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