Strike One!

I didn’t post yesterday. It was the first day I’ve missed since early January when I decided to go daily. Admittedly some of the posts have been short and on a few occasions of sickness they could al oat be described as non-posts. But they were still new content.

Yesterday there was none. And the reason? I fell asleep. Sure, they day before was spent sojourning across Tokyo carry my son. And then yesterday was more of that from an early morning to help lead a mini camp session for kids for half the day followed by a fun session of Pathfinder. That was how I spent about 13 hours yesterday, but in the end I thought I’ll just put my head on the pillow for a moment and that was the end of my day.

Sigh. There goes my streak. Still, I’ll have a new podcast up tomorrow and maybe some reviews up they day after. And a new streak starts.

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